Wintrust Dadine Ointment 15gm


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Dadine Ointment

Quantity: 15gm

Manufacturer: Wintrust

Category: Ayurveda

Usage: For external usage only.


The Antifungal and antibacterial ingredients in Dadine ointment helps to eradicate dermatological infections effectively. Its local application offers a soothing relief to the patients having physical distress due to itching and burning of fungal infections. It increases the premeability of the skin. A unique combination, which cures insecticidal bactericidal activities.

Sudh Gandhak 20%, Yashad Bhasam 10%, Oil of Karanj 5%, Mustak 2%, Guruchi 5%, Neem Oil 5%, Fitkari 2%, Ointment Base qs.

Fungal infections, Ring Worms, Scabies, Eczema, Psoriasis Impetigo, Nail Poisoning, Cuts, Prurigo.

2-3 times a day to be applied after cleaning the effected part with mild medicated soap and Luke warm water.

Collapsible Tube of 15 gms.

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