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Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Medicines of India

Ayurveda is not an uncommon name in India's household. Herbal home remedies are first version of ayurveda healing recipes that people uses on day to day basis. These remedies are a combination of herbs, spices, milk, curd, oil etc. The more refined forms of these herbal combinations are known as Ayurveda medicines.

In Indian shastras, the method of manufacturing these medicines is explained  in the form of shlokas. The reputed brands follow these recepie to the core to maintain the authenticity of the recipe and its chemical composition. is an online medicine store that sells authentic ayurvedic products from reputed brands of India. It offers a variety of ayurveda therapies that cures various ailments.

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Ayurvedic medicines have cured many ailments that even modern day medicines are not able to fully cure. These medicines are sold as OTC, over the counter. Ayurveda treatment as written in vedas also have notes on best ayurvedic diets and health routines. Instead of targeting only on the symptoms of the ailments, ayurveda works holistically strengthening both the body and mind to recover from illness.

 From small problems like acidity, to more severe problems like kidney stones, Ayurveda has cure for all. Shop the best Ayurveda medicines online at Ayushcare for any kind of health condition.