Sucrafil O Gel Syrup 200ml - Sucralfate & Oxetacaine Suspension

Brand: Fourrts
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Product Type: Syrup
Brand: Fourrts

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Sucrafil O Gel Syrup
Quantity: 200ml
Brand: Fourrts
Category: Syrup

Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free is a combination medicine used in the treatment of acidity, stomach ulcer, and heartburn. It helps in relieving the symptoms of acidity and ulcers such as stomach pain or irritation. It also neutralizes excessive acid in the stomach and helps in the easy passage of gas.

Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free is taken without food in a dose and duration as advised by the doctor. The dose you are given will depend on your condition and how you respond to the medicine. You should keep taking this medicine for as long as your doctor recommends. If you stop treatment too early your symptoms may come back and your condition may worsen. Let your healthcare team know about all other medications you are taking as some may affect, or be affected by this medicine. Do not take it for more than the recommended duration as long-term administration may have harmful effects on the health.

The most common side effects are constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, and allergic reaction. These are temporary and usually resolve with time. Contact your doctor straight away if you are at all concerned about any side effects. To overcome constipation, you should add fiber-rich foods in your diet and stay hydrated. It may also cause dizziness and sleepiness, so do not drive or do anything that requires mental focus until you know how this medicine affects you. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine as it can worsen your sleepiness. Lifestyle modifications like having cold milk and avoiding hot tea, coffee, spicy food or chocolate can help you to get better results.

Before taking this medicine, you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding. You should also tell your doctor if you have any liver diseases so that your doctor can prescribe a suitable dose for you.

Treatment of Acidity
Treatment of Heartburn
Treatment of Stomach ulcers

In Treatment of Acidity
Acidity is a condition when your stomach produces more acid than is needed for the digestion of food. Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free helps treat acidity. Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free gives relief from burning sensation and stomach pain associated with acidity.

In Treatment of Heartburn
Heartburn is a burning feeling in your chest caused by stomach acids travelling back up towards your throat and mouth. Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free works by reducing the amount of acid your stomach makes and relieves the burning sensation and pain associated with heartburn. You can also take control of heartburn with few lifestyle changes. Think about what foods trigger heartburn and try to avoid them; eat smaller, more frequent meals; try to lose weight if you are overweight and try to find ways to relax. Avoid eating within 3-4 hours of going to bed.

In Treatment of Stomach ulcers
Stomach ulcers are painful sores that develop in the inner lining of the stomach. Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free is used to treat stomach ulcers. Sucrafil O Gel Sugar Free covers the damaged ulcer tissue in the stomach and protects it against stomach acid or further injury. This helps ulcers heal more quickly. $also gives relief from pain and discomfort in the stomach associated with stomach ulcers. You need to keep taking the medicine as it is prescribed for it to be effective, even if the symptoms seem to disappear.

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