Seendhil Churnam 100gm


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Seendhil Chooranam
Quantity: 100g
Manufacturer: SKM
Category: Siddha

Indications : It is given in the following conditons such as all kinds of Sarvamegam (Mega disorders), Raththa piththa rogam (internal haemorrhages), Vittu vittu varum kaaichal (intermittent fevers), Naatpatta kaichchal (chronic fevers), Bedhi (diarrhoea), Seedha raththa bedhi (dysentery), Amla Piththa rogam (bilious diseases due to hyper acidity), Vishakkadi (poisonous bites) Thodar irumal (Persistant cough) Irraippirumal (Asthma), Kaamaalai (Jaundice), Agnimaantham (indigestion) Vettaimegam (gonorrhoea) vitiated conditions of Vadham, Errivu or Kaanthal (burning sensation), Athiga thaagam (hyper dypsia), Kudarpoochchigal (helminthiasis), Porumal (flatulence), Vayittruvali (stomachalgia), Azharchigal(inflammations), Balaveenam (general debility), Malachikkal (constipation), Pandu (anaemia), Vindhu dosham (seminal weakness), skin diseases/skin diseases as a result of diabetes, Kuttam (leprosy), Karappan (Erysipelas), Udaliliappu (emaciation), Mooththira naala noigal (uropathy) (Diseases of the urinary tract) and spleenopathy (Diseases of the spleen).

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