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Rumawin Capsules is formulated with highly potent herbs that not only initiates mobility but treats severe condition related to gout Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder and recurrent back pain. It slows the process of cartilage degradation and since it is formulated in ingredients that are rich in calcium, slows down the process of osteoporosis. Its timely use offers a gradual decline in joint pain & back pain.


Each capsule contains : Sallai Guggal 75mg, Kishore Guggal - 75mg, Shudh Shilajeet - 40 mg, Nirgundi - 40 mg, Maharansnadi Ghana - 50 mg, Asgandha - 40 mg, Suranjan - 20 mg, Kuchla Shudh - 20 mg, Triffla - 30 mg, Haldi - 30 mg, Pippali - 20 mg, Gulancha - 30 mg, Sundh - 30 mg.

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