Pankajakasthuri Honey Cough Syrup 100ml


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PANKAJAKASTHURI COUGH SYRUP WITH HONEY, a blend of 100% herbal ingredients with goodness of Honey is useful in relieving Dry and Persistent Cough. Pankajakasthuri Cough Syrup with Honey does not contain any steroids or sedatives or alcohol and is free from side effects.

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Pankajakasthuri Cough Syrup with Honey is an effective Decongestant and Expectorant which soothes sore throat. A potent immune modulator especially for children.


Adults :1-2 Teaspoon 4 to 6 times Daily

Children : Half the adult dosage or as directed by the physician


Piper longum,Piper nigrum,Zingiber officinale,Elettaria cardamomum,Cinnamomum zeylanicum , Adhatoda vasica, Cassia occidentalis, Solanum xanthocarpum, Cinnamomum camphora, Honey

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