Padigara Parpam 10gm


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Padikara Parpam
Quantity: 10gm
Manufacturer: SKM
Category: Siddha

Neerkattu (retention of urine / anurea), Neer tharai erivu (painful micturition), Neeradaippu (urinary obstruction), urinary obstructions due to the over growth of tissues in Sathai Adaippu (urinary passage obstruction), Neerthaarai Azharchi (inflammations of the urogential organs), Raththa Mooththiram (haematurea), vettai (gonorrhoea), Vaaipun (Stomatitis), Soothaga soolai (dysmenorrhoea) and Perum paadu (menorrhagia)

Dosage :200 - 300 mg with ghee or honey twice a day after food. Can also be administered along with aerva plant juice (Sirupeelai samoola saaru), Astera cantha plant juice (Neermulli Samoola Saaru) or small tribulus juice (SiruNerunji Samoola Saaru). 

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