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Dama Buti Churna 135g (Ayurvedic)

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Dama Buti Churna is a unique formulation that works at the cellular level, to rectify the pathological damage caused to your bronchi. It works dynamically & synergistically with the body to eliminate all possible causes including infections, toxins & allergens. Its specific natural ingredients arrest the progress of chronic or acute bronchitis to complicated & irreversible stages. This natural medicine boosts the immune system, & helps combat virulent pathogens, restoring the body to normalcy during hypersensitivity reactions.      


It is known to maintain the health of the throat chest & lungs. In fact, it help to protect the physiology from garavisha – environment toxins & pollution. It helps to purify the atmosphere.


Advantages of Dama Buti Churna

  • Improves blood circulation within the lungs, & enhancing tissue
  • Oxygen perfusion
  • Relieves congestion by improving the potency of the bronchi & reduces mucosal irritation.
  • Reduces tendency of allergic reaction
  • Improves pulmonary ventilation
  • Useful in respiratory discomfort & each
  • Very useful in acute exacerbation of asthma
  • Helps in expectoration by liquefying phlegm
  • Reduces the frequency & severity of attack

Contents of Dama Buti Churna

  • Kakada Singi Pistacia Integerrima
  • Somlata (Sarocostemma Brevistigmn)
  • Vasa (Adhatoda Vassica)
  • Abhrak Bhasma
  • Sphatika Bhasma (Aueminium Sulphas)
  • Mallasindoor
  • Tankan Bhasma
  • Pushkarmool (Inula Racemose)
  • Haldi Churna fried in Ghee (Cursuma Domestica)
  • Kooth (Saussurea Lappo
  • Peepal (Piperlongum)



One pouch after breakfast and one pouch after dinner every day with water.


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