Dabur Trikatu Churna 100gm


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Trikatu Churna
Quantity: 100gm
Manufacturer: Dabur
Category: Ayurveda

Ingredients (Composition)

Trikatu Churna contains following three ingredients in equal amount.

  1. Black Pepper  – Piper Nigrum
  2. Long Pepper  – Piper Longum
  3. Dried Ginger – Zingiber Officinale

Medicinal Properties

Trikatu Churna has following healing properties.

  1. Bio-enhancer (increases bioavailability of other medicines)
  2. Chemo-protective
  3. Anti-viral
  4. Expectorant
  5. Carminative
  6. Appetizer & Digestive Stimulant
  7. Hypo-glycemic
  8. Fat Burner
  9. Mild anodyne
  10. Hypolipidemic
  11. Antiemetic
  12. Anti-inflammatory

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