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Chiniumco Tablet is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by J & J Dechane Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Chiniumco Tablet is a combination of Ayurvedic drugs for checking profuse bleeding [haemostatic in nature]. 

Ingredients of Chiniumco Tablet:
Each tablet contains –
Revandchini [Rheum emodi] – 44 mg
Katuki [Picrorrhiza kurroa] – 24 mg – Kutki – Picrorhiza kurroa is a powerful Ayurvedic herb used in treating mainly chronic fever, skin disorders and diabetes. It is also used in purgation (Virechana Panchakarma) procedure.
Mayaphala [Quercus infectoria] – 3 mg
Dalchini [Cinnamomum zeylanicum] – 12 mg – Cinnamon improves digestion strength, is useful in diabetes, high cholesterol, its oil is applied externally for premature ejaculation and insect bites. Read more about this wonderful spice.
Harita patri [Digitalis purpurea] – 15 mg
Sphatika [Potash alum] – 3 mg

Pharmacology of chiniumco Tablet:
Cinnamomum apart from a carminative, astringent and stomachic, is a good haemostat. It is a stimulant to the uterine muscle, and is used in prolonged labour due to defective uterine contraction.
Mayaphala is an aperient and ecbolic, and a bitter tonic.
Haritapatri and Revandchini are good haemostats.
Sphatika is a haemostat and useful in bleeding, piles and leucorrhoea.
Katuki is useful in amenorrhoea and is a cathartic emmenagogue.

Indication of Chiniumco Tablet:
Profuse bleeding whether in uterine affections or piles or through the nose or mouth and dysentery.
Painful complaints of uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries in females referred to lower abdomen.

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