Amlycure DS 20Capsules


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Amlycure DS Capsules

Quantity: 20Capsules 

Manufacturer: Aimil

Category: Ayurveda






















✓Punnarvadi Mandoor


✓Shankh Bhasma





✓Yashtimadhu as active ingredients.


✓Enlarged liver.
✓Pre-cirrhotic condition
✓Altered lipid metabolism including fatty infiltration
✓Intoxication caused by anti-tubercular & anti-       cancerous drugs
✓Intoxication by anti-microbials, sex hormones, chemicals
✓Long term drug intoxication
✓Helps retard progression of hepatitis B virus
✓Helps active formation of bile to add fat digestion     particularly in post-cholecysectomy.
✓Add digestion, improve appetite & strengthen       assimilation & anabolism

Dose: 1-2Capsules twice a day or as directed by physician.


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