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Aluretic Tablets

Quantity: 100Tablets

Manufacturer: Alarsin

Category: Ayurveda


Shilajitu [Asphaltum] – 30 mg
Haritaki [Terminalia chebula] – 20 mg  – Haritaki fruit is one among The three, that constitute Triphala. It is a very famous rejuvenating herb. 
Guggulu [Commiphora mukul] – 30 mg
Shunti [Zingiber officinale] – 20 mg
Daruharidra [Berberis aristata] – 20 mg
Ikshumoola [Saccharum officinarum] – 20 mg
Punarnava [Boerhaavia diffusa] – 20 mg
Yastimadhu [Glycyrrhiza glabra] – 20 mg – Licorice benefits are known to Indians since thousands of years. Its Sanskrit name is Yashtimadhu. It is one of the most commonly used Ayurvedic herbs. .
Ananthamoola [Hemidesmus indicus] – 20 mg – Sariva is known as Indian Sarsaparilla. It is different from Sarsaparilla. Its botanical name is Hemidesmus indicus. In Ayurveda system of medicine, it is widely used in the treatment of oligospermia, gastritis, anorexia, menorrhagia etc.
Mishreya [Foeniculum vulgare] – 20 mg
Devadaru [Cedrus deodara] – 20 mg
Bharangi [Clerodendrum serratum] – 20 mg
Gokshura [Tribulus terrestris] – 20 mg
Krishna jeeraka [Nigella sativa] – 10 mg
Patola [Tricosanthes dioica] – 10 mg
Nirgundi [Vitex negundo] – 10 mg
Nimba patra [Azadirachta indica] – 10 mg – neem leaves
Amalaki [Embelica officinalis] – 10 mg – Amla
Pashanabheda [Bergenia ligulata] – 10 mg
Dusparsha [Tragia involucrata] – 10 mg
Eranda moola [Ricinus communis] – 10 mg – Castor root – Castor root, seeds and leaves are extensively used in Ayurvedic treatments, both for externally and internally. 
Vidanga [Embelica ribes] – 10 mg
Apamarga [Achyranthes aspera] – 10 mg
Sahijan – 10 mg
Kavachmoola [Mucuna puriens] – 10 mg
Shankhapushpi [Convolvulus pluricaulis] – 10 mg
Guduchi [Tinospora cordifolia] – 2 mg


  1. Oedema- mild to moderate.
  2. Renal- insufficiency, malfunction, nephritis.
  3. Cardiac- mild to moderate high blood pressure, congestive cardiac failure.
  4. Pulmonary congestion, oedema- postural, anaemic.
  5. Routine use- liopathic oedema, late, middle & old age when kidney function is diminished. 
  6. For short term reduction of intraocular pressure, particularly pre-operative & post-operative.

Dose: 1-2 Tablets twice a day or as directed by physician.


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