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Aimil BGR-34 Tablets

Quantity: 100Tablets

Manufacturer: Aimil Pharmaceuticals

Category: Ayurveda


  • Daruharidra - strengthens the natural functionality of the pancreas.
  • Vijaysar – Maintains blood glucose levels and strengthens cells as it is rich in flavonoids.
  • Giloy – Strengthens immunity and protects against infections.
  • Majeeth – Powerful antioxidant that protects vital organs from oxidative stress.
  • Methika – The Potent source of Micronutrients. Nourishes the vital organs.
  • Gudmar - Delays glucose absorption as it maintains post meals blood glucose levels.

This tablet also has the following components-

  • Berberine – A Potent inhibitor of DPP4.
  • Dehydrocheilanthifoline - Promotes secretion of Insulin.
  • Oxo berberine - Regulator of glucose homeostasis.
  • Jatrorrhizine Beris aristata Trigonella foenum graecum Rubia cordifolia.
  • Hydroxy isoleucine - An inhibitor of gastric acid secretion.
  • Galactomannan - Manage diabetes-induced cataract as well as glucose homeostasis.
  • α- tocopherol – Helps regulate levels of glycosylated hemoglobin.
  • Fenugreekine - Slows down metabolism, thus maintaining blood glucose levels.
  • Rubiadin – By increasing peripheral utilization of glucose, it improves the power of insulin.
  • Epicatechin- Aids the conversion of proinsulin to insulin.
  • Isoliquiritigenin- Anti-hyperglycaemic - Backs the re granulation of Pterocarpus marsupium.
  • Magnoflorine – Releases insulin.
  • Gymnemic acid – Regenerates pancreatic cells, delays absorption of glucose in blood and balances incretin activity.
  • Gurmarin – Mimics the actions of hormone incretin which decreases blood glucose levels, delays glucose absorption and inhibits the capability of taste buds to differentiate between bitter and sweet.
  • Gymnemagenin – Antioxidant properties and maintenance of blood glucose levels.

Indications: Diabetes 

Dose: 1-2Tablets twice a day or as directed by physician.

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