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Gudmar Tablets

Quantity: 15Tablets

Manufacturer: Vedi Herbals

Category: Organic & Ayurvedic

Dose: 1-2Tablets twice a day or as directed by physician.


Gudmar (also called Madhunashini) is best known for its leaf extract to suppress the sweet receptors of the tongue. The active ingredient that causes this physiological reaction is gurmarin, a polypeptide made of 35 amino acids. Gymnemagenin, the main sapogenin in the leaves, yielded 3.9-4.6% of total Gymnemic acids. Gudmar extract is standardized to 40% gymnemic acid.

  • Lowers blood and urine sugar level.
  • Helps in regenerating the pancreatic beta cell.
  • Stimulates the production and activity of insulin.
  • Temporarily eliminates the taste buds desire for sugar.
  • Brings down high cholesterol level and manages triglyceride level.
  • Is useful for the treatment of hyperglycemia and anaemia.
  • Helps to increase the appetite and stimulate the liver for better functioning
  • Is used to treat problems like hyperglycemia, obesity, high cholesterol levels, anemia and digestion.

Gymnemic acids I-IX, Gymnemagenin, Sapogenins

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