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Febrojith Tablets
Quantity: 30Tablets
Manufacturer: AVP
Category: Ayurveda


Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Febrojith Tablet is a best Anti viral medicine. Advised for all kind of fevers , respiratory diseases, migraine sinus and it is also good in diabetic condition. It has the ability to improve the platelets


Herb/ Drug name Latin Name Quantity

1.Guggulu Commiphora wightii 125.00mg

2.Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 125.00mg

3.Amalaki Emblica offcinale 83.3mg

4.Haritaki Termenilia chebula 83.3mg

5.Vibhitaki Termenilia berecilla 83.3mg

Dosages and Anupan:

2 Capsules three times a day after food or as directed by the physician

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