Yesaka Syrup 600ml - For Diabetes (Ayurvedic)

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Manufacturer: Simandhar Herbals

Quantity: 600ml

Actions and Usage benefits:

  1. Corrects digestion & metabolism
  2. Tones up efficiency & health of pancreatic tissues; regulates insulin secretion.
  3. Checks over fatigue.
  4. Blood purifier, wound healer.
  5. Prevents complication & tones functions of kidney, eyes & nerves.
  6. Regulates blood sugar level & free from risk of hypoglycemia.


Dietary Advice & Life style:

  1. Avoid sweets, food products containing refined carbohydrates, glucose and sugar.
  2. Restrict usage of potatoes, sugar beat etc.
  3. Restrict sweet fruits, fried food, meat & egg preparation.
  4. Freely take coarse cereals, green vegetable & fibre rich diet.
  5. Walk 3 to 4 km a day, do yoga & exercise daily as advised by experts.
  6. Avoid stress, strain & intake of alcohol.

Yesaka is available in a packing of 600ml pet bottle in Liquid form.

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