Orthocure Tablets - 30Tablets for Joint Pains


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Orthocure Tablets is an Ayurvedic Exclusive Medication and is very safe.

Every single Orthocure Fortified Tablet contains :

Celery Tablet – 150 mg

Maha Yoga raja Guggulu – 200 mg

Maha Rasnadi Kwatha Churnam – 130 mg

Sallaki – 130 mg


The Medication dosage of Orthocure Fortified Tablet :

One Orthocure Fortified Tablet thrice a day initially, Followed by a reduced maintenance dose of 1 Orthocure Fortified Tablet a day (or) as directed by the Medical professional. Take Orthocure Fortified Tablet half an hour before food.



Tamalaki, Kasni, Rakta Punarnava, Bhrungaraja, Guduchi, Rohitaka, Kalmegh, Daruharidra, Kakamachi, Vidanga, Katuka, Parpata, Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Amalaki, Vasa, Tulsi, Sharapunkha, Yashtimadhu, Chitraka, Kumari.


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